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Senior police officer arrested for robbing Shs1 billion.

Police have arrested Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Kakana James, who has been the Officer in Charge of Station Namayingo, for orchestrating a robbery that stole $317,900 (Shs1 billion) at Nakirebe along the Kampala-Masaka Road.
The incident happened on September 19, 2023, when a gang of five individuals intercepted a taxi and forcibly took possession of a substantial sum of money.
One of the assailants donned in a Police uniform with the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police and armed with a pistol, led the criminal operation. Another perpetrator wore military attire, while the remaining accomplices were dressed in civilian clothing and were travelling in a Super Custom vehicle, its license plates concealed with MK army stickers.
Police aided by CCTV footage from Be Energy Petrol Station successfully identified and apprehended four suspects linked to the robbery. The individuals were named as Lubega Moses, Nuwagaba Josephat alias Jose, Kyomuhendo Richard alias Ricky, and ASP Kakana James. Following their arrest, the police conducted searches at their residences, yielding potential evidence.
During the searches, a Super Custom vehicle with registration number UAW 187W, used in the commission of the crime, was tracked, recovered, and presented as evidence. Additionally, a Subaru with registration number UBN 291A was seized as proceeds of the stolen money. The recovered cash amounted to $10,700 and Shs591,000 was found at Nuwagaba’s residence.
The suspects, including the senior police officer ASP Kakana James, were brought before a grade 1 Magistrate at Mpigi court to face charges of aggravated robbery.