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Sekabira Denes, John Dillinger, and Al Capone are public enemies.

John Dillinger was a celebrated public enermy and The media printed exaggerated accounts of his bravado and colorful personality, and J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Bureau of Investigation (BOI), used Dillinger as a rationale to evolve the BOI into the “Federal Bureau of Investigation” (FBI), developing more sophisticated investigative techniques as weapons against organized crime.
After evading police in four states in USA for almost a year, Dillinger was wounded and went to his father’s home to recover.
When he returned IN chicago he hid in a  brothel owned by Ana Cumpănaș, who later informed authorities of his whereabouts.
On July 22, 1934, local and federal law-enforcement officers closed in on him and was shot.
When he was cornered,  he wrote a letter and said ” inside me is a weary heart that could hurt no man  and “this is what I get for defending myself !!”
Dillinger had just killed a policeman but wanted the world to think he’s  innocent+!!
These and other famous gangster leaders on record like “Two guns Crowley Francis’,  Al Capone who is regarded as the world’s most notorious gangster terrorised public but regarded themselves like public benefactors not as criminals.
They carried out charitable programmes and carried out several businesses to disguise their underground ventures like bootlegging, gambling and smuggling.
This month unravelled the criminal activity of Dishonourable MP Sekabira Denes who has been operating a fake luwero nursing and midwifery school and St Denison school of health.
These decade old sham institutions have been churning a fake certificates scheme and awarding them to unsuspecting and naive students .
The trick was announcing half bursaries of nursing courses to those who failed science subjects at senior four by promising them to sit ‘error papers’. Then when you come , they charge you colossal sums to alter the subjects you failed, withdraw your genuine UNEB certificates which depicts the science subject you failed and proceed to Nasser RD and manufacture for you a new one which reads with the same index number, year  and school where you sat but with revised , good and lower  aggregates in the subjects you have paid for and done.
Then you’re a qualified nursing student and you start paying your tuition!
At the end of the course, a fake certificate is issued to you in the presence of either the Bishop or senior leaders to give credence to the sham institutions!
They dupe parents and students from Arua , Lira, Luwero to Kisoro!
One student alone claimed  have paid 9,000,000 to get nothing after a 2 year course of study!
This public enermy resembles a busted gang in Kisenyi which was getting new empty oil jerricans of different brands with seals and refills them with old engine oil and put back on the market!
On the face of it you may sweep the act as simple fraud but you can imagine how many cars they put at risk and how much money can you lose if someone makes you believe  that you have done service whereas some one has replaced “used diesel engine oil” for a petrol car!
When you meet such a gang and organized operator, do you advise that these people are so ingenious that should be assisted with “Myooga money”to start a genuine oil packing industry because there seems to be non in the area?
Sekabira’s gang and accomplices operate an unregistered, nursing school which even goes beyond by faking graduates at a sham graduation,  creating a graduation book for a non existent institution and invites public to come and witness without remorse!
Like Al-Capone and Dillinger the gangster leaders still pretend to be innocent and their surrogates claim they’re witch hunted for being in parliament!!!
Like the arrest of Dillinger and Al capone changed the ‘BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION’ (BOI), these investigations have revealed intriguing findings that is soon changing the policy of Ministry of education approval guidelines and supervision of these very sensitive institutions which touch the core and determine the quality of health services in Uganda and beyond.
There’s going to be a complete overhaul and review of the operations of these institutions because there seems to be very big and hollow gaps government needs to back stop to avoid a recurrence of such embarrassing scenario .
The noose is closing in on the necks of the perpetrators and these phoney schools will be soon, no more.