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Sad news to Uganda as Kenya moves to ban her milk.

Uganda’s rising trend in milk exports is likely to suffer a new dent after Kenya suspended imports of powdered milk, in what some think is a spillover of Kenya’s internal politics.
In a notice dated March 6, 2023, to all milk importers in Kenya, Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) said it was moving to protect local farmers from external products, as their output is expected to increase soon.
“In anticipation of the long rains, the government has stopped the importation of milk powders to cushion the industry from surplus production and low prices,” says a statement signed by Margaret Kibogy, KDB managing director.
She says that the board will no longer issue new import permits until further notice. Though the letter appears generalized, some businesspeople allege it was targeted at imports from Uganda, which until recently, were being blocked from the Kenyan market.
It was until the commencement of the presidency of William Ruto that there was a ray of hope when he told the Association of Kenya Manufacturers that imports from Uganda would be allowed and that the more expensive Kenyan milk be processed for the international market.
However, there have been continuous calls from both the industry and the political leaders to ban milk from Uganda because it is cheaper and outcompetes Kenyan products on the market.

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