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Rotarians in Sonde have advised the government for policy change to make basic education a priority and to reinstate public libraries all over the country as a way of eradicating illiteracy in Uganda.

The Rotarians were celebrating Drop Everything and Read – DEAR Day across the country at Jinja – Misindye C.O.U primary school where they provided schools with basic reading tips and also reached out to seven schools with textbooks.

Proscovia Nakawunde, the Head teacher jinja misindye Primary school commended the sonde Rotarians for providing them with the books citing shortage of reading books, she noted that the pupils read in groups a policy which is not effective.

“With the population of 450 pupils, the school has reading books, they don’t have enough desks, they read in groups seven pupils per book.” Nakawunde noted

The Sonde rotary club President, Ms. Connie Magomu Masaba noted that many government and community schools are challenged with text books, and they miss out the opportunity of reading in the early days, this affects them in future.

She added that the rotary club of Sonde will continue to support seven schools in the area, by paying school fees to the needy pupils, providing clean water and pushing teachers who would wish to upgrade.

Meanwhile at George Etyafu Okol the rotary president Bweyogerere Club said the DEAR policy should not be for young learners only, but to different people and it will entirely eliminate illiteracy in the country.

“We want to emphasize that people are informed on the happenings, being the young and the elderly groups.” Etyafu said.

Hon. Mike Sebalu, the District governor rotary Club, noted that they are looking forward to enhancing service delivery in education by providing books, clean water and creating libraries in schools and communities and this will demystify the narrative of “if you want to hide something from an African, put it in a writing”.

“This narrative of if you want to hide something from an African, put it in writing, our intention is to erase that mentality by promoting the reading culture from the grassroot” Sebalu noted.

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