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Rivalry between Besigye and Nandala over FDC next Party President deepens.

On May 2, 2023, at the residence of Augustine Ruzindana, an FDC elder, a meeting was held between Nandala Mafabi and Dr. Kiiza Besigye’s factions to try and bridge the gap in FDC, with varying intentions as to who should be the next Party president and flag bearer in the upcoming elections. According to a source, Ruzindana was concerned about the bad blood that was growing among most party members who had opposing objectives. He requested a mediation meeting because he is concerned that the party will further divide.
“As elders, we smell bad blood and violence; we cannot just sit back and watch the party disintegrate further, yet we can sit and talk about these problems and solve them amicably,” said Ruzindana.
Wasswa Birigwa, the national chairperson, presided over the mediation meeting, which was attended by Party President Patrick Amuriat Oboi, Nandala Mafabi, Jack Sabaiti, Robert Mayanja, John Kikonyogo, Ssemujju Nganda, and Elias Lukwago, but Dr. Besigye was absent and in South Africa. When Birigwa invited Nandala to present his issue, Nandala suggested that Jack Sabiti speak on his behalf, according to a source. Sabaiti started by accusing Besigye of being greedy, corrupt, and a spoiler who wishes no one well, even the FDC, which he left.
“Dr. Besigye has been spoiling Nandala’s name by inciting party members against him; here is the evidence of all his mails badmouthing a fellow colleague and tarnishing his name labelling him a Government mole who was given money to de campaign FDC and also claiming that we are in Nandala’s camp because of the money he has given to some members,” the source said.
However, the FDC elders noticed that tensions were rising and attempted to calm the agitated Sabiti, who refused to listen and continued lashing out, informing them of Besigye’s desire to front Elias Lukwago or Ssemujju Nganda as the next preferred candidates to Nandala Mafabi.

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