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Renown Ugandan actress pushes for divorce.

Uganda actress Farida Ndausi is reportedly pleading to her lawfully wedded husband omulangira ndausi to grant her divorce so that she can officially wed her new Nigerian lover in peace.
The report has come to life following rumors that suggest that Farida Ndausi is planning to legalize her relationship but is facing the challenge of her marriage with Omulangira Ndausi who is yet to officially divorce her. Based on a recent interview she had with media personalities, Farida hinted at how she very much wants to tie the knot sometime later this year if all goes well.
She is, however, still handicapped as she can’t continue with her preparations when she is not officially and legally set free to move on by her ex-lover. Farida Ndausi is in a relationship with a Nigerian-born and bred actor, basketballer, and businessman with whom she has spent a period of about three years. In recent years, Farida has been linked to different Nigerian men and fortunately, she decided to settle with one who she is likely to spend the rest of her life with.

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