Saturday, June 22News That Matters

PLE exams kick off today.

The Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) have kicked off this morning across the country with 749,347 candidates slated to participate in this year’s PLE.
The examination schedule for PLE candidates has begun with mathematics this morning and will shift to social studies in the afternoon. Tomorrow, candidates will sit for their English and science papers.
The examinations will take place in 14,442 centers, encompassing both government Universal Primary Education (UPE) schools and non-UPE schools.
In an effort to guarantee the smooth conduct of the examinations, an extensive workforce of 11,758 scouts, 10,664 chief invigilators, and 30,059 invigilators has been deployed across the country to supervise and manage the examination process.
A total of 2,580 candidates with Special Needs Education (SNE) will be sitting for their exams this year, marking a rise compared to the 2,316 SNE candidates in 2022.
Dan Odong, the Executive Director of UNEB, expressed UNEB’s commitment to ensuring that these candidates receive the necessary support to create a level playing field. This support includes the provision of braille question papers and answer sheets for candidates with visual impairments, large print question papers for those with low vision, sign language interpreters for the hearing-impaired, and transcribers for learners with dyslexia and severe physical impairments.
To accommodate the unique needs of SNE candidates, UNEB has allocated an additional 45 minutes for each paper, allowing them ample time to complete their examinations. A total of 769 SNE personnel have been deployed across the country to provide the required support for these candidates, ensuring that they have an equal opportunity to excel in the examinations.