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Patricia sitya loss battling strange illness.

According to the Triplets Ghetto Kids manager, Daouda Kavuma, Patricia started experiencing respiratory difficulties on Wednesday.
Kavuma told one of his Boda cyclists to drive Patricia to Malcom Hospital for a checkup since he wasn’t at home at the moment.
She was administered on a breathing-aiding machine to help her breathing return to normal, which was successfully accomplished, and she was then referred to Nsambya Hospital.
Patricia Nabakooza underwent a full bodily examination in Nsambya Hospital, and the results showed that all of her vital organs were sound.
Patricia, however, insisted that she felt something in her throat that was apparently lodged and was choking her.
She continued, saying that she is positive a medication that she consumed a while back got trapped in her throat causing the prevailing health condition.
After that, Patricia Nabakooza was referred to Nakasero Hospital, where she returned to normalcy after treatment, and her voice restored.
However, the medical professionals made it known that they planned to do an endoscopy, which calls for a close check of Patricia Nabakooza’s esophagus.
The physicians also mentioned that Patricia would need to fast for ten hours prior to the procedure.
We wish you a quick recovery, Patricia.

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