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Pastor Bugingo and Susan Makula celebrates their anniversary.

House of Prayer Ministries International lead pastor Aloysius Bugingo and his fiancée, Susan Makula, are commemorating their ‘union’ anniversary.
Pastor Bugingo and Makula’s relationship has been the subject of public interest due to the circumstances of their union.
In 2021, Pastor Bugingo made an official visit to Susan Makula’s parents, a step that hinted at their commitment to their relationship. This move came after Bugingo filed for divorce from his estranged wife, Teddy Naluswa.
Since then, Bugingo has been staying together with Susan Makula.
On Thursday, the two celebrated their relationship anniversary. In the photos making the rounds on social media, the couple possesses two beautifully decorated cakes.
One bears the inscription “Happy anniversary, Susan Bujjingo. I Love you,” while the other reads “Susan, you’re the best gift God gave me.”