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Olive branch offered to doubters – New Hoima chairman.

The newly elected Hoima district chairperson Uthuman Mughisha Mubarak has called for calm among the political and technical wing.
The 26 year old says he has not come to fight wars but to work jointly with leaders for the growth of Hoima.

His statements come at a time when most councilors including the District vice chairman who is in acting capacity Chiche Benson openly supported an independent NRM leaning candidate Muhumuza Savannah during the polls. We have the details
Days after Uthman Mugisha Mubarak was voted as the new chairman for Hoima District, the 26 year old has spoken out on his priority areas, with unity, improving health services by ensuring availability of drugs, improving roads, education and easing access to water topping the list.

This is in addition to the unending cases of land grabbing.
” while campaigning, we listened to the problems that affect our people, key being poor health services like absenteeism of health workers, no drugs, poor road network, water and sanitation, we can’t seat on as our people suffer, i’m going to liaise with the line ministries and key stakeholders to ensure our people get better services” Mugisha remarked
Mugisha has cautioned those leading the implementation of Government programs like the parish development model and Emyooga to work towards the success of the programs.
‘ You would imagine meet people they tell you how they have received half of the PDM and Emyooga funds, a lot of questions have to be answered, who gives half of the funds, where does the half go but also who authorized them to give half, our people are meant to benefit from these funds, i won’t and see that happen in my time” Soft spoken Mugisha loudly said
During his campaigns even after getting the NRM flag, most councilors at the District including the vice chairman now acting chairman Chiche Benson openly supported his opponent Muhumuza Savannah. He has asked them to join him and work towards the development of Hoima.
” Of course i respect people’s opinion everyone had a right to support a candidate of their choice, but i condemn it especially the fact that they went against the party stand, but it’s fine they have to know i’m their Muzeeyi, political head so they need to come we work for our people, i have not come to fight wars, will continue making phone calls to them for coordination because all our people want are better services” Happily said Kadiri Junior
Uthuman Mubarak also condemns the behavior by many spreading speeches of hate on lines of religion and tribal, here he noted during his campaign he was asked by a voter why his name was Mugisha and not Mugisa, in response he said everyone is a Ugandan and divisionism can not help the district to grow.
Kagadi district chairman Ndibwami Yosiya and Masindi district Chairman Dr Cosmas Byaruhanga have urged him to create working relationships with both the technical and councillors if he is to succeed.