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Old Mutual Investment group launches Dollar Unit Fund in style

Old Mutual Investment Group launched the first ever dollar unit fund in Uganda, a move aimed to diversify and add to the quality of the investment opportunities on the market.
A unit trust is a collective investment scheme that pools contributions from investors who share a common investment objective. The pooled funds are strategically invested in a diversified portfolio of financial securities, including equities (shares), bonds, cash, bank deposits, and more.

The UAP Old Mutual Investment Group MD Simon Mwebaze, noted that in recent years Unit trusts have gained traction on the local market as a low risk, cost-effective access to both fixed income and stock markets investment option.

“Investors are to diversify their risk and gain access to investments they might not have been able to access independently. The introduction of the dollar unit fund, a more aimed to progress us further down this road. There’s growing demand for diversified investment options hence the need to innovate accordingly,” added the MD
The Board Chairman Professor Samuel Sejjaaka highlighted some of the main reasons that set UAP Old Mutual Investment Group apart from other sector players making the investment in the dollar unit fund a viable option.

“UAP Old Mutual Investment Group is a trusted and experienced manager with a proven track record in managing investments, making us the ideal partner for securing your financial future. In addition, our team conducts thorough and up-to-date research to optimize investment decisions for your fund, ensuring that you make informed choices among all the investment options we manage,” said Prof. Samuel Sejjaaka.

The Group CEO Arthur Oginga noted that as pioneers in dollar unit fund investments in Uganda, UAP Old Mutual Investment Group is offering the local investors the power to achieve more now.