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Old Kampala SS students busted puffing shisha.

Police in Wakiso have netted a total of 54 students including eight girls for using narcotics during a wild house party at Kibulooka, Nansana West Ward, Nansana Municipality .
The errant suspected students in possession of identification cards from Old Kampala Secondary School were found chewing Khat, smoking shisha, and consuming other intoxicating substances at a house.
Luke Owoyesigyire, the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson says the wild party with loud music and smoke smell attracted the attention of disgusted locals who called in police for help.
Owoyesigyire, says police cops stormed the premises and netted the students consuming the intoxicating substances.
“We managed to arrest 54 students who were in possession of narcotic drugs and being a public nuisance. All the students had IDs belonging to Old Kampala Secondary School,” he said
Owoyesigyire says all students are currently in custody at Lubigi police station as police hunt for their parents continues.

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