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NRM speaks out on their  position on Serere by-election.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) secretary general, Richard Todwong has fortified the party’s decision to back Philip Oucor, their candidate in the recently concluded Serere County by-election.
Earlier to the election, over 250 NRM leaders from Serere district had asked the party top executive to front and back Emmanuel Omoding, the son to the late MP Patrick Okabe in the by-election, but the party preferred Oucor.
Oucor, lost to Omoding who came on an independent card in the hotly contested race, polling 13, 306 votes against the latter’s 15,638.
Todwong defended NRM’s decision to back Oucor, saying supporting another aspirant would breach the party’s constitution.
He added that they supported Oucor purposely to show voters and the population that the NRM has guiding principles which are followed.
“Oucor became our flag bearer two years ago and so he was the rightful candidate to represent the party even in the by-election contest,” Todwong said, noting that was the reason the party stood very firmly behind Oucor.
“This principle is what we shall be following in each and every by-election that is coming. We shall stand firm by our flag bearer. We shall be committed to him or her regardless of the circumstances,” Todwong revealed.
President Yoweri Museveni and Chairman of NRM went to Serere County on the last day of campaigns where he campaigned for Oucor on two separate venues in Ocaapa and Serere town councils.

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