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Nasty road accident as two dies on spot many injured due to An over Speeding Noah clash & Hit with Global.

by our reporter

More than two people have been confirmed dead and several others injured after a Global Coaches bus rammed into an over turning Noah Vehicle today morning in Kiruhura District.

According to eyewitnesses, the tragedy occurred at around 6:25Am after the Global Coaches Bus registration number UBE 967M hit a Toyota Noah registration number UAX 357A  at Sanga, Kiruhura  in Kiruhura District!

The deceased, who had not yet been identified by press time, were both occupants of the Noah car!

Rescuers rushed to the scene to help those who had been injured by rushing them to nearby health facilities for quick medical attention and by press time the police had been notified of the accident. Although what could have caused the accident had not been established by press time, the traffic police at the scene  had already commenced investigations and promised to give a report thereafter.

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