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Mukono RDC halts further usage of Nakanyonyi land as residents refuse to pay busuulu to church.

President Museveni’s representative in Mukono district, Fatumah Nabitaka Ndisaba, has made a directive stopping all construction activities on the contested Nakanyonyi diocesan land until court resolves the matter.
Ndisaba along with other authorities in Mukono district was meeting both parties the church and the residents who are claiming ownership of the land, the meeting was conducted at Nakanyonyi church.
The president’s representative further ordered all the said tenants on the Nakanyonyi Diocesan land, to register with the church authority, especially those who were sold by the Kabaka officials in the Buganda Kingdom, with the hope that this would end the long-standing dispute and dispute over the land.
“We thank the kingdom for taking steps to expel and punish the officials who were responsible for the land scandals and I ask all those who were sold to those officials to register immediately so that the church knows them.” Ndisaba said.
However the residents objected to the directive of registration and paying busuulu to the church on the grounds that the land is owned by a family identified as Mulayira who is also in dispute and is allegedly taking the church to court.
“As of now we cannot register nor pay busuulu to the church until court decides the lawful owner of the land” Said Mrs. Makumbi, the Nakanyonyi mission chairperson.
Diocese spokesman Derrick Kaddu Mbojjana said the church was ready to cooperate with the residents if they registered but urged them to avoid promoting tension and fighting.
Recently, a group of youths attacked theology students at Groovers Wilcox School of mission and beat and injured some of them, prompting Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba to intervene and ordering police to arrest the culprits who were behind the attack.

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