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Mukono RDC apologizes for the insecurity, as cases armed attacks on residents raises.

Two weeks after the attacks on schools in Mukono, another gunmen attacked a beer truck last, killing its driver, Asadi Bazaale, and robbing them money close to 25 million Uganda shillings
The attack took place on Thursday, in the Nakitutuli valley in Nama district on the Mukono-Kayunga road, and the beer truck was found fallen into a ditch while security forces surrounded the scene, but Asadi’s body was already retrieved from the crime scene.
Eye Witnesses told us that the attackers were wearing military uniforms and waited for a while with a motorcycle in the corner and did not pay attention to them knowing that they were security operatives.
After the robbery they got on a motorcycle without anyone telling them. Residents urged government to intensify security in the valley because when it’s dark they are robbed and human bodies are dumped in the valley.
The two men, who were loading and unloading the truck, told us that they were on their way home from the areas of Kasawo, Kalagi and Kabembe to the main store in Mukono, while they were climbing Nakitutuli valley they were ambushed by the gunmen.
Presidential representative in Mukono district, Fatuma Ndisaba apologized to residents of Mukono for the attack and urged traders to find alternative means of transporting money.
“As security in Mukono we apologize for the insecurity in the area, but apologizing will not help when traders are still reluctant while doing their businesses, we advise you to find means of transacting business rather than physically transporting the money” said Ndisaba.
Ndisaba also announced that they will conduct raids to search for anyone wearing military uniforms because people allege that the perpetrators of the attacks are wearing them.
The swamp is now a camp for thieves because there is not even a single hut which makes it easy for criminals to use it, it should be noted that this is the same place where the late Maria Nagilinya’s body was dumped in 2020.

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