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MTN Uganda Unveils New WakaNet Offers: Empowering

MTN Uganda, the country’s leading telecommunications provider, announces the launch of its latest internet offerings
under the WakaNet Home Internet. With a focus on delivering high-speed internet
access to cater to the diverse needs of Ugandans, these new packages represent
MTN's commitment to advancing connectivity and driving progress across various
The latest offers bring great value to customers with the WakaNet Router offer,
priced at Ugx 130,000, includes a free router and provides users with high-speed
internet at 10Mbps for 30 days. Similarly, the WakaNet Fiber offer, also available
from as low as Ugx 130,000, ensures reliable connectivity with internet speeds of
10Mbps for 30 days.
For those with heavier internet usage demands, MTN introduces the new Prestige
Fiber package, offering lightning-fast speeds of 60Mbps on WakaNet Fiber for 30
days at Ugx 395,000. This premium offering caters to the needs of businesses,
remote workers, and entertainment enthusiasts, enabling them to stay connected
and productive without compromise.
Somdev Sen, the Chief Marketing Officer at MTN Uganda, expressed excitement
about the refreshed WakaNet offerings, stating, "At MTN, we believe that everyone
deserves access to reliable and high-speed internet, regardless of their location or
usage requirements. Our latest WakaNet packages reaffirm our commitment to bridging the digital divide and enabling progress in key sectors such as business, medicine, agriculture, and education.
In addition to the new internet offers, MTN will deploy impact marketing teams in
selected areas to assist individuals in connecting to the Unstoppable Network
through WakaNet.