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MTN Uganda celebrates diversity: A remarkable journey of inclusion with Evelyn Nabbasa.

As the world unites to commemorate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities
(IDPD) on December 3, 2023, MTN Uganda proudly highlights the inspiring journey of
Evelyn Nabbasa, a Customer Care Advisor at MTN Uganda.
Nabbasa’s story is a testament to MTN Uganda's commitment to inclusivity and
empowerment as it strives to ensure that everyone enjoys the benefits of a modern
connected life.
Recruited under the MUBS (Makerere University Business School) Entrepreneurship
Incubator and Innovation Centre in March 2023, Nabbasa faced a unique hiring process
that sought individuals proficient in languages like Ateso, Acholi, and Luo among others.
"I had the four R's, and I was worried about the process, but I went through it and was
shocked to be told that I had gone through the very first interview," Nabbasa recalls.
Her training began in March when she immersed herself in the diverse range of
products and services MTN Uganda offers. Nabbasa's dedication and excellence during
assessments set the stage for her hands-on experience in April at the call centre.
"I was nervous at first because I didn't know if I could handle the calls and answer all
the queries," she admits. "But the culture here is quite different, quite unique. Everyone
is willing to help you."
Navigating through challenges like PIN resets, mobile money issues, and tariff plans,
Nabbasa found the support of her team leaders and colleagues invaluable.
"By the end of the week, I felt comfortable because everyone here is supportive," she
The welcoming environment extended beyond her initial training. "We don't line up for
food. They help us carry food to the tables where we want to sit," Nabbasa notes. "I
have not been treated differently. I don't feel discriminated in any way. I am
MTN Uganda celebrates Evelyn Nabbasa's resilience, highlighting her experience as a
testament to the company's commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive work
MTN Uganda proudly stands united with the global community in championing the rights
and potential of individuals with disabilities.