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MTN Uganda Affirms Commitment to Oil and Gas Sector with Strategic ICT Solutions.

MTN Uganda, a leading telecommunications and ICT solutions provider, has reiterated its unwavering

commitment to being a long-term partner and provider of top-notch telecommunication and ICT services to the oil and gas sector. This commitment is in line with MTN's ambitious vision for 2025 – to lead digital solutions for Africa's progress.

The reaffirmation comes on the heels of MTN Uganda's sponsorship of the 8th International Oil & Gas Conference, held on November 22nd and 23rd, where the company showcased its robust infrastructure investments and strategic partnerships tailored to meet the evolving needs of the oil and gas industry in Uganda.

Sylvia Mulinge, CEO of MTN Uganda, expressed her excitement about the company's role in shaping the future of the oil and gas sector in Uganda. She stated, "As MTN Uganda transitions into an ICT company, our ambition is clear – to lead digital solutions for Africa's progress. The oil and gas sector, with its immense economic potential, is a key focus for us. We are committed to providing cutting- edge technology solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and security in this

dynamic industry."

Under the overarching theme of "Business Done Better," MTN Uganda's campaign

aims to reshape the landscape of business operations and propel Ugandan

enterprises into the modern digital age. The CEO highlighted that the campaign

represents a pivotal moment in MTN Uganda's journey, reflecting the company's

commitment to delivering advanced solutions for Africa's progress.

MTN Uganda has strategically positioned itself in the oil and gas sector, with a

comprehensive infrastructure investment plan. The company currently boasts 70

mobile network sites in key oil regions, with plans to add two more sites to enhance

connectivity around Kabaale International Airport in 2024. Additionally, a significant

expansion of fiber infrastructure is on the horizon, with an extra 150km of fiber

planned for Kabaale International Airport.

In her address, Sylvia Mulinge outlined the company's dedication to staying at the

forefront of technological advancements. "Our investment includes 16 Microwave

links supporting various oil customers at strategic locations. These links ensure high-

speed wireless connectivity for seamless voice, video, and data information

exchange between locations," she said.

The company's transition into an ICT powerhouse is facilitated by strategic

partnerships, leveraging the global reach of the MTN Group. MTN Uganda is a

certified Microsoft Partner, offering modern work solutions and cloud suite services

to enterprises. Collaboration with Cisco enables the provision of high-quality unified

communication services, transforming traditional voice services into diverse and

enterprise-grade solutions suitable for smart training and smart mining. In

partnership with Galooli, MTN Uganda offers fuel management solutions and

customized Internet of Things services tailored to the specific demands of the oil and

gas sector.

Looking ahead to 2024, MTN Uganda is set to activate 5G technology,

supplementing existing 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies around key base camps such

as Tangi, Bugungu, Buliisa, and Tilenga. The company's ambition goes beyond

technology, with a focus on empowering local communities and fostering sustainable

development through initiatives supported by the MTN Foundation.

The CEO concluded, "MTN Uganda remains steadfast in its commitment to being a

long-term partner and provider of quality telecommunication and ICT services to the

oil and gas sector. As we embark on this journey together, we seek opportunities for

collaboration and partnerships that will drive innovation, create shared value, and

contribute to the success of Uganda's oil and gas industry."