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MTN Kicks Off Ker Alur Sporting Extravaganza: Teams Triumph in Opening Matches.

In a dazzling display of athleticism and camaraderie, the 6 th Inter-County football match competitions,
sponsored by MTN Uganda in collaboration with Ker Alur, have officially hit the ground running.
The kingdom, known for its annual Ubimo's Cup Tournament and Ker-Alur bicycle races, is now alive
with the thunderous cheers and spirited footwork of youth across the three counties.
The opening matches, heralding a month-long celebration of sportsmanship and culture, unfolded with
the enthusiasm that defines the vibrant spirit of Ker Alur.
At the heart of the action, two standout teams, Padyere and Jonam, emerged victorious in their initial
clashes, setting the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable sporting spectacle.
Padyere, led by the astute guidance of Assistant Coach Gilbert Jakuma, showcased prowess on the field,
securing a commanding 4-0 victory against the Okoro team at Luo ground in Nebbi municipality on
Friday. Coach Gilbert, brimming with pride, expressed his optimism for Padyere's chances, marking a potential historic win for the team in this edition.
Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the Okuru camp, under the watchful eye of Coach David, is one of
strategic hope. As they await the upcoming clash between Padyere and Jonam on Thursday this week,
Coach David is fervently wishing for a Padyere triumph. A ripple effect that, if realized, would see
Okuru's team eyeing the final, eager to defend the coveted trophy they clinched in 2021.
MTN Uganda's commitment to fostering unity through sports is evident in the meticulously organized
Kicking off on Nov.15, the matches have brought together Alur youth from both sides of the Ugandan-
DR Congo border, exemplifying the power of sports to transcend boundaries.
The theme for this year's sporting extravaganza, "Educating and retaining Alur girls in schools," adds a
poignant layer to the competition. Beyond the thrill of the game, the event aims to communicate vital
messages, resonating with the community and reinforcing cultural values.
As the tournament progresses, all eyes are now set on the upcoming fixture between Padyere and
Jonam on Thursday, at Bar Omach. This clash promises to be a spectacle, with each team vying for a
chance to etch their names in the annals of Ker Alur sports history.
MTN Uganda’s Regional Manager, Brian Kagwisagwe, expressed the company's commitment to its
partnership with Ker Alur, emphasizing that such events are not just about sports but are woven into the
fabric of community building and cultural preservation.
Prime Minister Ker Alur Prince Opar Angala applauded MTN for uniting Ker Alur's youth and fostering
cross-border relationships. He sees the sporting events as a unique opportunity to communicate
essential values, especially on girl child education and cultural heritage, to the busy youth of today.
In the midst of cheers, goals, and dribbles, MTN's collaboration with Ker Alur is not merely a corporate
partnership; it's a celebration of unity, culture, and the indomitable spirit of sportsmanship that
resonates through the heart of Ker Alur. As the matches unfold, the kingdom anticipates crowning the

overall winner on November 30, in a grand finale where triumph and glory will meet on the field of