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MTN Foundation boosts Kalaa Mugosi Women Empowerment Ltd with coffeeprocessing equipment to propel community development.

Kalaa Mugosi Women Empowerment Ltd, a community-based social enterprise located in Sironko District, Eastern
Uganda, has historically encountered challenges in processing and drying wet
coffee, slowing down transformation of people's lives.
These challenges are now expected to be no more as the enterprise today receives
a generous support of three pulping machines and dryers, valued at UGX 20 million,
from the MTN Foundation, a corporate social responsibility arm of MTN Uganda.
This support is part of the MTN Changemakers Initiative, launched in July, aimed at
empowering local individuals and organizations to enact meaningful change within
their communities.
Deogracious Odwori, the head of operations at Tan Telecom Head, representing
MTN Uganda CEO Sylvia Mulinge, said the support aligns seamlessly with MTN
Uganda's Ambition 2025 strategy, aimed at propelling the nation's progress through
strategic partnerships and investments that foster community development, equity,
and inclusiveness.
"Our support for Kalaa Mugosi Women Empowerment Ltd epitomizes our belief in
the power of collaboration to achieve a modern, connected life for everyone," he
“We therefore believe that our support will enable our local individuals and
organizations to exceed their expectations and realize their dreams for the
betterment of their communities.”
He highlighted the initiative as a testament to MTN Uganda's mantra, "Together, We
are Unstoppable," underscoring the potential for collective efforts to drive significant
Sandra Nakayenze, CEO of Kalaa Mugosi Women Empowerment Ltd, expressed
her gratitude towards MTN Uganda for the investment, noting its critical role in
enhancing production processes and, consequently, the economic well-being of the
Kalaa Mugosi Women Empowerment Ltd, serving 1,246 small-scale farmers,
including a significant 60% female demographic across the Mt. Elgon sub-region,
has been at the forefront of advocating for economic empowerment to uplift local
producer livelihoods and ensure sustainable development within their communities.

Florence Nambozo, the Woman Member of Parliament representing Sironko District
thanked MTN Uganda for supporting the social enterprise with the hope to improve
the community’s income via value addition.
She also appreciated the founders of Kalaa Mugosi Women Empowerment Ltd for
uplifting women and the girl child.
This development comes at the time when the Ugandan government is intensifying
its efforts on value addition aiming to elevate the commodity’s export earnings.
Uganda, a leading coffee producer, reported a remarkable $940.3 million in revenue
from coffee exports in the 2022/2023 coffee year, marking a 7% increase from the
previous year, driven by an uptick in export volumes and favorable global prices,
according to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA).
The MTN Foundation has earmarked UGX 500 million for 25 selected projects
across the nation, spanning economic empowerment, education, health, water,
sanitation and hygiene.
This initiative is part of a broader commitment to invest in the nation's future,
targeting youth, women, persons with disabilities, and rural communities across five
regions of Uganda.
Over the last decade, the MTN Foundation has dedicated UGX 30 billion towards
more than 250 projects in education, health, youth empowerment, water, sanitation
and hygiene, and humanitarian response significantly impacting communities
nationwide and cementing its position as a catalyst for positive change and
development in Uganda.