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Mr kyagulanyi Got an Armored Car from government pastor Bugingo reveals secretes

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has once again come out and spilled bitter secrets about Bobi Wine and his new Bullet proof car, he reveals how it was a gift for him from Museveni and how it got cleared past URA.

During a lunch hour service at his curch, Bugingo has ripped Bobi Wine apart saying he is riding on the ignorance of his supporters.

He claims that Bobi shouldn’t eat Kavimbo and pose around as if he used his dime to ship in the Black Big toy yet not everyone can ship in an armoured car.

In fact, Bugingo goes ahead to list only 3 people with such cars in Uganda, Amama Mbabazi, Museveni and now Bobi Wine, which makes him a government official. Swearing in the name of the almighty that he doesn’t fear insults from NUP supporters, Bugingo further claimed that it is impossible for any person in a given country to ship in a armored car with out government’s invisible hand

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