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MPs question Shs 350 million budget allocation for President’s clothes.

A total of five legislators have presented a minority report in Parliament citing wasteful expenditure and inconsiderate appropriations.

The opposition MPs sitting on the Budget Committee presented a report to the house showing that they do not agree with the Budget Committee on non-compliance, revenue impropriety, specific issues on budget allocations and inconsistencies in the 52 trillion budget for the Financial year 2023/24.

The MPs include Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi (Butambala County, NUP), Hon. Adeke Anna (Soroti District, FDC), Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju (Kira Municipality, NUP), Hon. Lulume Bayiga (Buikwe south, DP) and Hon.

Gorreth Namugga (Mawogola County, NUP).

They state that millions of shillings that could have benefited the local man have been directed to the office of the President and State House.

The legislators cited Ushs 350 million shillings allocated to the office of the president for buying clothes which they feel is a wasteful expenditure as the President would spend Ushs1 million per day on clothes.

“We are spending on an average 1 million shillings everyday on President Yoweri Museveni’s clothes. Our President is not a star from Hollywood requiring to change wardrobe every day. He is a President of a poor country. Why buy him clothes worth Ushs350 million every year. What happened to the clothes that we bought last year?” Ssemujju questioned.

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