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Ministry of Works Takes Over Motor Vehicle Registration from URA

The Ministry of Works and Transport has officially taken on the role to manage the registration of motor vehicles in Uganda, a service that has initially been done by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).
This means all post registration processes under the Domestic Taxes Department in URA will henceforth be handled by the works ministry effective November 3, 2021.
URA in the interim will remain responsible for motor vehicle customs clearance and first time registration namely issurance of first time number plates for newly imported motor vehicles.
Ian Rumanyika, the URA Manager Public and Corporate Affairs said: “The transfer of Motor vehicle administration to the Ministry of Works is intended to improve service delivery to the public.”
He added that this will be made possible through the joint development and implementation of integration capabilities of various systems including; the interface between motor vehicle records archiving system, e-Tax system, ASYCUDA world, e- platform service desk system, client queue management system and the automated licensing system
“During this transition, URA will continue to offer technical support to the Ministry of Works and Transport and jointly continue to update the public on every available information,” Rumanyika said.

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