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Ministry of Kampala reports progress in urban spatial structure, transport and land use.

The Ministry of Kampala has reported progress on its 4-Year Project of development of the Greater Kampala Master Plan.
With support from JICA, the project focuses on urban spatial structure, transport and land use, environment, wetland, drainage and land use, electricity, water supply and solid waste management for future urban development, and local level detailed plans.
The ministry also reported progress in the Coordination of the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area Urban Development Program (GKMA-UDP).
“The Ministry with support from the World Bank embarked on the development of GKMA-UDP which focuses on mobility and accessibility; environment and resilience; job creation; and institutional strengthening for capacity enhancement in GKMA,” said Kyofatogabye Kabuye, State Minister for Kampala.
He noted that the implementation progress is at pre-feasibility, feasibility and design studies while the Government approval process is at the Parliamentary level.
Also, Kyofatogabye noted that his Ministry has carried out continuous monitoring of Government programs in GKMA focusing on strategies of market management, development of Solid Waste Management Strategy with support from GGGI, PDM, Emyoga and other GoU Programs in the Metropolitan Area.
Manifesto Pledges for KCCA include;
Solving the problem of traffic and congestion by using a rapid bus transit system, light rail system, flyovers, development of pedestrian, boda-boda and bus lanes,
Increasing the budget for roads and other infrastructure projects within the GKMA to improve connectivity and overall urban development,
Rehabilitation of existing paved roads,
Construction of four street bridges (three for pedestrians and one key bridge for vehicles),

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