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Minister Engola had 28 bullets inside his body- brother reveals.

Deceased State Minister for Labor Charles Okello Engola’s body was found with 28 bullets after he was shot dead by his former bodyguard Private Wilson Sabiiti who also took his own life after the sad incident.
This has been confirmed by his brother Sam Engola who is also the State Minister for Housing saying he rushed to the scene in Kyanja shortly after his brother was shot.
Sam Engola wondered what kind of motive Sabiiti had, after seeing the bullet-riddled body.
“Okello (Engola) had 28 bullets on his body, every part of him had a bullet wound, when you see the body you wonder what this man Sabiiti was up to,” he said.
Sam Engola added that Sabiiti knew why he killed his brother but it is unfortunate that no one can ask him because he is also deceased.
He said his brother fought so many wars but it is shocking he was killed with all the protection he had on him.
“Okello had guards, he died with a pistol on him, a big gun all, they could not protect him. It makes me now understand that only God can protect,” he added.
In an incident at around 8 am on Tuesday last week, Pte Wilson Sabiti shot dead the minister as he prepared to leave his home in Kyanja and later turn the gun onto himself.
According to sources privy to the ongoing investigations into the matter, as his principal prepared to leave the home, Pte Sabiti started his mission.
“He first shot and disabled the minister’s Aide de camp(ADC) who was at that time cleaning his pistol,” a source revealed.
The killer bodyguard was attached to the guard brigade of the 59th battalion in the fourth division in Gulu and had worked for the deceased Minister for about one month.

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