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Man buries his 4-year-old granddaughter alive.

Police in Namayingo district, East Busoga region have arrested a 50-year-old man and three accomplices for burying his four-year-old granddaughter alive with the hope of enriching himself.
According to police, they have been searching for a girl named Lahum Nalubanga, who went missing on March 7 and whose body was discovered on March 23 from her grandfather’s banana plantation after a two-week search.
Speaking to the press, spokesperson Fred Enanga stated that when the regional police received the report of the minor’s disappearance, they mobilised the community and followed up on a number of leads.
It was discovered that on March 7, the victim’s father, Yasin Muwanguzi, hired a boda boda rider named Huzaifa Yokosan to take his two daughters, one aged 5 and another aged four.
“When the boda boda rider reached at home, he didn’t find the auntie who was supposed to remain with the children and he opened the door and left the children inside the house. He went looking for her but when they returned, they found the door open and the four year old Nalubanga was missing,” he said.
He added that they tracked down the suspects and got a one Isma Mwesigwa who admitted that they had sacrificed the young girl on instructions of the grand father called Isabirye Bagaga to help him enrich himself.
Enanga revealed that the grand father had bought a new taxi and he was allegedly asked to carry out a ritualistic sacrifice for it.
“The girl was burried alive and died of suffocation,” he added.
So far police has the main suspect called Isabirye Bagaga, Isma Mwesigwa, Isa Umaru and Mukuve Rashid awaiting to appear before courts of law.

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