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M7 explains why he delegated Nabbanja to preside over Heroes day.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has explained why he delegated Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja to preside over the Heroes’ day celebration and not Vice President Jesca Alupo as protocol dictates.
In a statement released by the Presidential Press Unit, Museveni said he had to delegate Nabbanja to represent her at the celebration to remember those who sacrificed to bring his government to power 34 years ago because Alupo wasn’t in the country.
“When I woke up, I was fresh, and I wrote a short speech for the Rt. Hon. Nabbanja to give in Luwero today. I sent Nabbanja to Luwero because the VP, Alupo, is representing us in Lusaka- COMESA summit,” Museveni’s statement in which he gives a status on his health reads in part.
Museveni announced that he had contracted Coronavirus after presenting the State of the Nation Address at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds on Wednesday this week. In his update about his health, yesterday, which was day two of his covid-19 status, he felt very sleepy around 11 am yet he had slept well the previous night.
“I slept at the fourth hour of the night, which the Europeans call 10 PM and woke up at the 9th hour of the night with a slight vague headache. I call it vague because it was not obwaabe (temples headache), it was not oruhora-hoore (the crown of the head) headache and it was not around the engata (the ring) of the head.
When I sat up and drank more water as advised by my daughter Patience Kokundeeka, the headache went away, and I slept again,” Museveni said. He added that according to his longtime doctor, Diana Atwiine, who is also the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of health, he had a mild case and should be managed conservatively by using vitamin C, other vitamins, especially –D, and some anti-histamines.
Museveni said he will wait for two more days to test again to see whether he has been able to beat the virus or not. He called upon everybody to be fully vaccinated and for the elderly to get booster doses because it seems immunization and the boosters are helpful in the fight against Covid-19.
It’s still not very clear how Museveni contracted the virus because ever since the outbreak of the virus in 2020, all people who see the President must be tested for Covid-19.
This week the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga, and opposition MPs said that they will not attend the president’s functions anymore because of the inconveniencing of Covid-19 tests that they are subjected to.
Mpuuga wondered why the country would continue wasting its much-needed resources to test for Covid-19 which the World Health Organization has already downgraded as a health emergence.

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