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Lato Milk, Adarsh Polymer In Partnership To Protect Environment

By Keefa Nuwahereza

As a way of operating in an eco-friendly environment, Lato Milk Uganda entered into a partnership with Adarsh Polymer, a plastics recycling company, to ensure the environment we operate in is free from all types of waste pollution.

Officials at Lato Milk Uganda told this website that; “We are running a campaign dubbed ‘Lato Green’, which is aimed at protecting our environment. We see protecting the world around us as one of our responsibilities. After all, Mother Nature has blessed us with her nutritious products and plays a vital role in each of our product offerings.”

They added that; “ To achieve our goal of working towards a friendly environment, we have partnered with Adarsh Polymer to ensure that our environment is free from pollutants through recycling of non-biodegradable waste. We have a goal to send zero waste to the landfill.”

Lato Yoghurt is nutritious and healthy

They also said that they are proud to be an Eco-friendly company and strongly believe in environmental responsibility.

This is because Re-purposing and recycling are some of the strategies  they have in place to keep much waste out of the landfill as possible and also convert waste into energy. As a result of that, they work into using less water, electricity, paper, and fuel.

“We also look for ways to create new, eco-friendly food packaging. We’ve teamed up with our customers, suppliers and other experts around the world to share ideas and put the best ones to work,” an official at Lato Milk offices in Kampala told Elite News Uganda.

He added that; “We have joined hands with Adarsh Polymers Limited and together, we’re working to have a positive impact on the environment through the collection and recycling of our plastic pouches. The earth is worth protecting, and we’re committed to doing our part.”

Lato Milk produces a wide range of delicious, dairy products that always offer the best possible nutrition for customers.  Their milk products are pure as from the source, tasty to ensure you enjoy and nutritious to give you a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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Selling their products across the East African region, Lato Milk is a fast growing Ugandan dairy company specializing in the production of pure, nutritious high-quality milk products that appeal to their customers’ taste.

They employ the use of modern technology to transform milk into different products that meet the evolving needs of the market like whole cream milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter, powdered milk, among others.

Social Responsibility

Apart from ensuring that the environment is protected, the management and staff of Lato Milk said that they pride themselves in  their efforts to give someone moments to memorize and live life with a meaning, so as to make the world a better place for them.

In order to do that, they incorporate practices and initiatives that help create opportunities for people and develop the community they operate in.

Consumer Concern

Lato Milk is concerned about their consumers’ ability and affordability to purchase their products so they have affordable prices for their products which ensures nutritious and pocket-friendly products reach their customers

Lato Milk products come in various flavours and sizes of packages

World of Possibilities

Besides their milk products, Lato Milk also prides in creating job opportunities and focusing on improving employee capabilities that not only gives employees a living but also a healthy working environment, plus personal development.

About Adarsh Polymer

It is an engineering company working on providing affordable alternative energy solutions from recycled waste plastics thereby conserving the environment.

They convert Waste Plastics into Heavy Fuel Oil through a process called Pyrolysis, which is generally the controlled burning or heating of a material in the absence of oxygen.

In plastics pyrolysis, the macromolecular structures of polymers are broken down into smaller molecules or oligomers and sometimes monomeric units. The final product of the pyrolysis process is Heavy Fuel Oil and Carbon Black

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