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Kitagwenda residents excited over MTN Tooro kingdom bicycle masaza race.

The picturesque county of Kabujogera in Kitagwenda witnessed an exhilarating bicycle race
yesterday, as the Tooro Kingdom, in partnership with MTN Uganda, hosted a thrilling event that
left residents buzzing with excitement. The race, aimed at promoting sports talent and raising
awareness about HIV/AIDS, received overwhelming support from the community.
A total of 26 skilled riders, including 19 manual bike riders and 7 sports bike riders, fearlessly
maneuvered through a challenging 30-kilometer route. The cyclists braved the rugged roads,
pedaling their way from Kabujogera town council to Ntara and back.
The race winners were crowned amidst cheers and applause. Lauben Barekyeraho emerged as
the triumphant champion in the ordinary bicycle category, while Joshua Mugume clinched the
top spot in the sports bike race. Their remarkable performances showcased their dedication and
skill on the challenging terrain.
MTN’s sponsorship of the race received praise from various leaders and officials. Obadiah
Mwijuka, the Tooro Kingdom County Chief for Kitagwenda, expressed gratitude towards MTN
for their unwavering support of the Kingdom’s sports activities. Mwijuka recalled the cherished
memory of when King Oyo’s father, King Patrick David Kaboyo Olimi III, visited the area and
played football with pupils at Ntuntu Primary School.
Joseph Ruwheza, the Chairperson of Kabujogera town council, encouraged the youth to
embrace the race as an opportunity to break away from monotony and avoid harmful
temptations. Aggrey Byaruhanga, the MTN Regional Marketing Manager, urged the young
generation to actively participate in the Kingdom’s sports activities while spreading awareness
about the urgent need to eliminate HIV/AIDS by 2030. Byaruhanga reaffirmed MTN’s
commitment to supporting Tooro Kingdom’s health campaigns.
Ismael Mushemeza, the Kitagwenda district Chairperson, commended Tooro Kingdom for
extending its services throughout the entire Kingdom. He urged residents to take inspiration
from the Baganda and wholeheartedly engage in Kingdom activities, thereby taking ownership
of their heritage. Mushemeza also revealed the government’s plans to construct a sports center
in Kitagwenda, aiming to enhance co-curricular activities in the region and provide opportunities
for young talents to flourish.
The race not only celebrated the winners but also highlighted the positive impact it had on the
participants’ lives. Vincent Tumwebaze, last year’s winner and this year’s second-place finisher,
expressed gratitude for the 500,000 Shillings prize money he received from MTN. He revealed
that the funds helped him take care of his health and invest in his small business, paving the
way for a brighter future.
MTN’s unwavering support for the Tooro Kingdom bicycle race demonstrated their commitment
to promoting sports talent and fostering community engagement. The race’s success serves as
a testament to the power of collaboration in achieving common goals, and it further strengthens
the bond between MTN and Tooro Kingdom.

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