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Juile Mutesasira celebrates her fruitful years of marriage with her lesbian wife Jean.

Canada-based Ugandan gospel singer Juliet Naluggya alias Juile Mutesasira is celebrating her fruitful years of marriage with her lesbian wife Jean.
The Omukwano gunyuma singer marked her seventh year since they met with a sweet and lovely message as she noted how marrying Jean is one of the noblest and honorable decisions she has ever made in her life.
“My Jean, I am glad that I call you to mine. I am so lucky to have you in my life. What would I be without you? I can’t imagine it at all. You make me happy. I am content that you have bought the best out of me Jean,” reads Julie’s post in part.
Julie also thanked God for having blessed her countless times in the seven years they have been together with Jean.
“I am grateful to God. He bonded us together for the last seven years. When I first saw you, I vividly felt what I felt that day, I knew we would look good together.
I just knew it, my love. To me, the past doesn’t count. You may have slept with her or know people who have, but that was in the past. She is mine now and she won’t go back to her vomit,” Julie continues.
She further states that they have all made regrettable mistakes in the past, but they are now focused on what makes them happy.
Julie and Jean tied the knot in 2020 after her husband, Pastor Steven Mutesasira, married another woman.
The marriage of Pastor Steven and Juile ended in a bitter divorce in 2016. The estranged couple has two kids together.

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