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Idi Amin’s Son attacked by Europeans.

Lumumba Amin, the son of the former Ugandan president the late Idi Amin, has come under fire from online trolls following a public message of peace he sent to Ukrainian President Zelensky.
Amin, who has worked as a United Nations volunteer specialist in peacekeeping missions for several years, asked Zelensky what human rights guarantees he would offer the people of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine if Russia were to return those territories to Ukraine.
However, Amin’s message has sparked an outpouring of hate speech and harassment from Europeans online, with many attacking him and his father with vulgar abuse and lies.
Amin has responded by criticizing the “white mob lynching mentality” of his attackers, and pointing out that his family has long been the target of “boisterous, self-defeating, racist, abusive and unapologetic Europeans” who spread lies and disinformation about them.
Despite the online attacks, he says will remain committed to promoting peace, freedom, democracy, and respect for human rights. Lumumba Amin argues that his experience in conflict resolution and post-conflict nation-building gives him a unique perspective on the situation in Ukraine and that his questions about human rights guarantees for the people of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine are legitimate and important.
“Aren’t there legitimate grounds for them to fear mass retribution at the hands of the Ukrainian government?” Amin asked in his message to Zelensky. “And why haven’t you offered any peace whatsoever for those people in your 10-point peace plan?” He questioned.

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