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I spoke to Isma Olaxes 24 hours to his death.

Sports, Marketer, PR and Communications enthusiast, Aldrine Nsubuga has said he spoke to vlogger Ibrahim Tusubira alias Isma Olaxes aka Jajja Iculi 24 hours to his demise.
Olaxes was murdered by an assassin on Saturday evening near his residence in Kyanja. He was buried on Sunday at his ancestral home in Buikwe district.
President Yoweri Museveni on Monday afternoon condemned the incident, and pledged to do all it takes to have Olaxes’ killer brought to book.
In a long tribute Wednesday, Nsubuga said he spoke to Olaxes 24 hours to his murder.
I spoke to him for the first time 24 hrs before he signed out
Of all his images – in their plenty – this is the one that impacted on me the most. It’s how I choose to remember him. For a man so ascerbic in criticism you could build a nuclear bomb out of his mouthful, he had a lovable; almost infectious charm about him. He publicly presented himself as an old man who has nothing left to live for but deep inside, he believed he was a young man who must enjoy his youth. He loved the camera. He lived for it. It’s the mirror that lifted his ego; the album that kept evidence of his boisterous personality, manly attraction and heart throbbing appeal; for the younger ladies.

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