Monday, June 17News That Matters

I don’t need Bobi Wine’s chance to survive in the music industry –Alien Skin.

It seems like controversial Ghetto star Patrick Mulwana popularly known as Alien Skin is allergic to peace & just wants to draw trouble every time he gets a chance to create some.
It should be remembered that some time back Alien Skin was criticized for trying to mimic Bobi Wine’a lifestyle in everything that he does but the self styled Ghetto star rubbished the claims saying he is self made and non musicians inspired him to do what he does let alone Bobi Wine.
Alien went further to distance himself from the NUP president saying he is affiliated to any of his music groups most especially Firebase.
Of course Alien Skin’s utterances caused anger among staunch Bobi Wine fans who began de-campaigning him on social media.
On seeing the smear campaign going on against the fast rising singer, Bobi Wine came out and told his fanbase to give Aline a chance as he is trying to build something really special.
Many people thought Bobi Wine’s support towards Alien would come as a sign of unity & even strengthen the bond between the two artists.