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Hubby Clobbers Wife For Cheating, Strips Her Naked In Front Of Kids

By Keefa Nuwahereza

A husband who suspected his wife of cheating on him whenever he goes away to guy on Monday clobbered her  to pulp, before stripping her naked in front of their  children and neighbours

Joshua Mulesa, a resident of Bulamu village in Muduuma Parish, Mpigi District, viciously beat his mother of three kids identified as Shamim Nabayiza, whom he faulted for dishing out her Goodies whenever he is upcountry on duty.

Mulesa, who operates an excavator and often works very far away from home, told the area Chairman Godfrey Mubiru that he returned home on Monday night  only to find the house locked.

Joshua Mulesa tearing his wife Shamim Nabayiza’s clothes

On asking neighbours if they knew where Nabayiza had gone they told him they didn’t know,  but informed him that she had left the kids with them.

A very stranded Mulesa decided to spend the night on the veranda waiting for his wife to return and open the door because she had gone with the key.

Shamim Nabayiza trying to hide her face from the camera

However, Nabayiza didn’t return home until 5:00Am, when she appeared and got the shock of her life on meeting her hubby seated on the verandah.

“When she returned and saw me on the verandah, she tried to run away but I chased after her until I caught up with her,” Mulesa told the Chairperson.

Joshua Mulesa with area Chairman Godfrey Mubiru at the scene

He added that; “I’m someone who works very far away and I spend several days when I’m not home. But whenever I leave home this woman goes to her men. I don’t even have proof that these children are mine, they might belong to other men.”

However, Nabayiza also accused Mulesa of sexually starving her for a long time, accusing of constantly sleeping with other women in lodges while she braves coldness in their bed.

Shamim Nabayiza’s torn knickers that Mulesa pulled off as they fought

She said that; “He is always spending nights in lodges with women. Sometimes he even passes by home with them. What did you expect me to do as a woman?”   

But by the time she said that she was already naked and just wrapping the clothes with Mulesa had torn into pieces around her body, as she stared at her torn knickers that he had thrown on the ground.

Later after the Chairperson failed to convince the couple to reach an understanding, Nabayiza decided to abandon the three children with Mulesa and fled their home, saying she was going to start a new life.

Mubiru however said he would forward the matter to Police’s Child and Family Protection Unit such that they can summon the couple for counseling .

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