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How security operatives assaulted youth at Sheikh Kamoga’s residence.

A disturbing video has emerged, capturing the Field Force Unit (FFU) officers and plainclothes security operatives engaged in assaulting individuals at Sheikh Yunus Kamoga’s residence. The incident unfolded during a security forces’ raid, and the footage has quickly spread across social media platforms.
The viral video was recorded by a CCTV camera installed at Sheikh Kamoga’s home, located in Tula Zone, Kawempe 1.
According to reports, the security operatives conducted the raid on Saturday. The footage reveals them mercilessly beating the youth, even as some of them raised their hands in surrender.
Ugandans have expressed their outrage at the unprofessional conduct displayed by the security forces during this operation.
Earlier this week, the police confirmed the arrest of 32 young males aged between 14 and 28, who were found at Sheikh Kamoga’s residence. The police clarified that Sheikh Kamoga had been summoned to the CID headquarters in Kibuli to provide a statement.
“As the Joint Security Agencies, we remain vigilant in monitoring all spaces, including homes and places of worship, which can serve as breeding grounds for the recruitment and indoctrination of teenagers and young adults into the ranks of ADF,” stated the police.

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