Sunday, July 21News That Matters

Hilderman blames ignorant Bobi Wine for attacking Kenzo.

If you happen to sniff any bickering between Dr. Hilderman and his master, Bobi Wine, which might result in his knifing soon, then don’t be surprised.
Hilderman’s latest dig aimed at the celebrated National Unity Platform (NUP) sweetheart might land him into hot soup!
The legislature is convinced beyond reasonable doubts that Bobi Wine was speaking out of ignorance when he attacked Eddy Kenzo over the UGX 34 billion he received on behalf of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).
However, to play it safe, the musician-turned-politician partly takes the blame, explaining that he didn’t brief Bobi Wine about the ‘yellow’ cash, which was given to the musicians through investment Saccos.
The legislature says he repeatedly advocated for the money from the government, and he was happy when Sevo finally listened to his plea and released the funds for the musicians.
“It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to advise the principal on such a serious issue because he sent me as his minister to represent the music industry and ensure that it’s promoted. So, don’t blame the principal, blame Kiyanga. I am not guilty of not updating him about how the money was allocated. So the money is not for Eddy Kenzo or a particular group of people; it’s for the artists. As a Shadow Minister of Arts, I have been asking the government to invest in the industry,” he partly said in an interview with a local television station.