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High Drama and Dominant Displays Unfold in MTN Busoga Masaza Cup.

The MTN Busoga Masaza Cup continues to deliver captivating football action, with both
Saturday and Sunday matches providing a cocktail of drama, controversy, and dominant
displays. The games on both days left fans on the edge of their seats, and in some cases,
sparked chaos on the field.
Saturday's Controversy and Chaos:
• Kigulu v Bugweri (abandoned after 82 minutes)
• Budiope 0-2 Bukooli Namayingo
• Bukono 2-2 Bulamogi
• Bunhole Bunanumba 1-0 Bunha
On Saturday, the Iganga Saza Playground witnessed an intense showdown between Kigulu and
Bugweri, a match that was nothing short of tension and chaos. The game, part of the Kagulu Hill
group, had both sides showcasing end-to-end football action.
The match saw its fair share of controversy. Okasha Mulondo's goal for Bugweri was ruled
offside in the 33rd minute, and Shaban Kakaire suffered a similar fate after his attempt in the
71st minute. However, the most contentious moment occurred in the 81st minute when Kigulu's
Ali Kiyemba scored after a scuffle following Shaban Kakaire's corner.
This decision didn't sit well with Bugweri players, who rushed towards the center referee,
Geoffrey Sajjabi, to protest. Chaos ensued as Bugweri officials and supporters joined the fray,
forcing security to intervene. As a result, the match was abandoned due to the large crowd
invading the pitch.
Bugweri's head coach, Robert Kaluuba, expressed his frustration, saying, "Center referee
Sajjabi messed up this game." On the other side, Kigulu's coach, Siraje Bogere, backed the
referee's decision, claiming his team deserved the three points.
Adding to the turmoil, Bugweri had previously protested the allocation of five officials, including
Sajjabi, to the match, but their concerns were ignored by the league's organizing committee.
In another group clash, surprise package Bulamogi fought back from being a goal down twice to
earn a 2-2 draw against Bukono, making the group standings even more intriguing. Bugweri led
the Bukowe Hill group with 9 points, followed closely by Bulamogi with 7. The fate of Kigulu in
the group was left hanging, pending a report from the center referee.
Sunday's Dominance and Aspirations:

• Bugabula 3-0 Luuka
• Butembe v Buzaaya at Bugembe stadium postponed

Sunday brought a breath of fresh air, with Bugabula making a strong statement in their match
against Luuka at Kamuli municipal stadium. Bugabula saza dominated the Kagulu Hill group
decider, securing a convincing 3-0 victory to progress into the quarter-finals as runners-up.
Erias Ssozi opened the scoring for Bugabula in the 20th minute with a spectacular curling free
kick, setting the tone for their dominant display. Abu Karungi added to the tally with a goal ten
minutes later after a defensive mix-up in Luuka's defense. Alexander Anguyo sealed the deal
with a beautifully executed lob over the advancing Luuka goalkeeper ten minutes into the
second half.
Bugabula's head coach, Arshraf Kakooza, declared, "Now that we have advanced, our target is
to win this year's title," marking their intent to challenge for the championship.
In contrast, Luuka's coach, Ali Kasolo, expressed the challenges they faced, mentioning the
lack of sponsorship from the Tabingwa royal family as a significant hindrance to their
Meanwhile, the clash between Butembe and Buzaaya was postponed for unspecified reasons,
marking the second postponed match for Butembe.
As the MTN Busoga Masaza Cup unfolds, the passionate and competitive football matches
continue to enthral fans, promising an exciting journey toward the coveted championship title.
The tournament's blend of controversy, chaos, and dominant displays ensures there's never a
dull moment on the field.