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Headteacher remanded for allegedly defiling 16-year-old.

A Magistrate Court in Kaliro district has charged and remanded a Primary School head teacher for allegedly defiling a 16-year-old girl.
Joseph Muhanbi,a resident of Namukakala village in Budomero sub-county, Kaliro district was on Thursday (March 23) charged with aggravated defilement.
Grade One Magistrate Nazifa Namayanja read him the charge but declined his plea on the same, saying the offence was capital in nature and only triable by the High Court.
Prosecution led by Emmanuel Tayani told Court that on March 13, 2023, at around 7:30pm after evening classes when the girl was going back home, the teacher offered her a lift on his bicycle to their home.
“The girl agreed to the head teacher’s offer of the lift since he was his teacher in Primary Six and it was also getting late, but as they approached a bush, he dragged her into and defiled her,” the court heard.
That the next day on March 14th, the girl went to school while limping, attracting the senior woman teacher’s attention.
“When asked why she was walking like that, she explained how the headteacher had defiled her and threatened to kill her in case she told anyone what happened,” said the prosecutor.
He added that it was then the Senior Woman teacher called the Police and the head teacher was arrested.
Muhanbi was remanded to Kaliro Government Prisons until April 26, 2023, when he will be produced before Iganga High Court for trial.

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