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Give me my flowers when i’m still alive otherwise there will be no speeches at my funeral.

NTV Luganda news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe has advised her ‘so called’ friends and loved ones to give her flowers when she’s still alive or else there will be no speeches at her funeral.
Borrowing a leaf from the late former Rubaga South Parliamentary legislator Hon Kato Lubwama who has been laid to her final resting place on Wednesday, the presenter has stated how she prefers to be appreciated while still alive.
Faridah wants to be given her flowers when she is still sober, alive, and kicking so that she can feel the love of all those who pretend to be her diehards.
As the saying goes that a ‘good Muganda is a dead one’, Nakazibwe prefers to defy the odds by being given flowers while she’s still alive.
She believes it’s not right to first kick the bucket, and then revelers come praising her like how they did with the late Kato Lubwama ‘Biiso.’

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