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Ghetto Kids’ manager Kavuma explains how they came up to perform at Britain’s Got Talent.

Ugandans continue to congratulate the Triplets Ghetto Kids for raising the national flag high at Britain’s Got Talent, where they became the first acts to be awarded a gold buzzer in the middle of the performance.
The Triplets Ghetto Kids’ manager, Dauda Kavuma, has revealed how the dance group came to perform on such a big international stage.
Kavuma disclosed that the performance at the start of the 2023 season of Britain’s Got Talent was recorded in 2022.
“We signed a non-disclosure agreement after filming and that’s why we did not share it anywhere before it aired,” Kavuma said during an interview on a local TV.
When asked how they got the chance to perform, Kavuma responded that they persuaded the judges that they had a sizable fan base in the UK.
According to Kavuma, the competition only permits music with copyright, which is why they did not include any Ugandan music in their dance mix.
“Copyright paperwork for Ugandan music is disorganized and there was not enough time to go through the process that is why they used the music they used,” he said.

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