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Gen Salim Saleh and Muhoozi gave Pallaso award and money.

It was joy and unbelievable moments on Friday as singer Pallaso performed at the Lugogo Cricket Oval. Adrenaline was high as the day went by.
This is after the singer’s concert had been decampaigned by a group of social media users rooting for another musician.
And going by the day’s events, it wasn’t clear whether he would actually pull it off but he managed to. The singer stepped on stage and thrilled his fans with his songs.
At one point, the show’s organizer Balaam Barugahara stepped on stage and gave Pallaso an award. He said that this was from Gen Salim Saleh and it was to recognize the singer as a true hustler.
It was presented to him by the presidential advisors, Buchaman and Catherine Kusasira. Balaam also told the singer how Gen Muhoozi had given him 20m shillings.

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