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FUFA Postpones 2020/21 Ugandan Premier League Season by a Month

The Federation stated it will take time before aligning to guidelines given on resumption of games

The 2020/21 Ugandan Premier League season starting date has been postponed by at least a month.

Initially, the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) had set October 17 as a tentative date for the start of the new campaign, but it is not going to be the case as the Federation and clubs struggle to align themselves with the guidelines given to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“It is a theme of joy that we can start planning on playing football again,” said Fufa 1st vice-president Justus Mugisha in his address to member clubs in the 7th Fufa Super League Annual General Meeting held in Seeta on Saturday.

“Our activities were affected owing to Covid-19 and these included the competitions.

“We are grateful to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for blessing the partial return of sports in the country. As Fufa, we are committed to continue engaging the Government to ensure the safe return and this includes negotiations on free testing as well.”

The administrator went on to confirm the top tier return dates are now scheduled for early November and not as initially planned.

“As Fufa, we are keen on making decisions to ensure everyone is safe, and it is the reason why we are pushing the starting dates by 30 days,” Mugisha stated.

Clubs will have an extra month to work on their 2020/21 Club Licences but before then, the play-offs will be played.

On Friday, the Federation warned teams to wait for guidelines before engaging in any activities.

“Fufa wishes to thank His Excellency the President and all Government agencies that have enabled the resumption of Sports activities in Uganda, we are indeed very grateful,” the Federation stated in a statement obtained by Goal.

“Fufa wishes to put it to the notice of all its members, members of the Fufa members, and to whom it may concern that all the association football activities are still suspended until advised to the contrary.

“Fufa reiterates that no training sessions, friendly matches, and competitions should be conducted until advised in the due course. Anyone that contravenes this directive shall be liable to sanctions.” 

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