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Fire guts a police barracks in Ntinda.

Police in Kampala are investigating circumstances under which fire gutted their sister station in Ntinda.
Accordingly, the incident happened at around 9:45 PM, before the fire prevention and rescue services responded put out the fire.
“Investigators have moved in to ascertain the exact cause of the fire,” said Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson.
Owoyesigyire noted that preliminary findings have revealed that the fire started from the barracks as a result of negligence and spread to the nearest traffic office.
“It is alleged that two children set a fire inside the barracks that came in contact with electric cables. The full extent of the damage has not been fully ascertained, however, no injuries or fatalities have been registered,” he said in a statement.
He commended the fire prevention and rescue services for their prompt response and bravery.

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