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find the 10 Ordinary Women’s Fashion Statements That Men Find Sexy

When it comes to attracting guys, the regular fashion standards (i.e., makeup, red dresses, high heels, miniskirts) always do the trick. However, a woman doesn’t have to dress conventionally sexy in order to get our attention. In fact, you’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t!) to discover that there are plenty of fashion choices that we find just as hot. Here’s a look at 10 of them.

1. Athletic Wear

We’re talking about sports bras, running shorts, headbands… When a chick is at the gym or even just jogging up the street, it’s hard for a guy not to pause for a moment and soak it all in. It doesn’t even matter how sweaty she looks. In fact, that’s part of the appeal

a woman putting on an athletic wear

2. Sundresses

A woman in a sundress is sending the message that she’s fun, flirty, and even a bit innocent — oh, but she isn’t at all! From my experience, I’ve never seen a chicky-poo in a sundress who wasn’t in a good mood. It’s the perfect look in July whether the goal is to get a coffee downtown or explore a European city.

some of the sun dresses

3. Nightgowns

There are two reasons why guys like a lady in a nightgown. For one thing, unless we’re talking about college dorms, seeing a woman prance around in sleeping wear isn’t something that’s all that common. Secondly, it’s simply an endearing look, especially if it’s accompanied by a towel wrapped around her head after she’s washed her hair.

4. Cowboy Boots.

Whether she’s pairing it up with skinny jeans or shorts, a girl can’t go wrong when she’s wearing cowboy boots. It doesn’t even matter if she’s from New York City, cowboy boots give the impression that she is a farm girl at heart, feeding imaginary chickens in the morning and listening to country music.

chicks wearing cowboy boots that

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