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Employees at Minister Baryomunsi’s radio station fight over 3 dollars.

The Radio Station manager of Kanungu FM, Nelson Twinamatsiko was involved in a brawl with a fellow worker identified as Anita Tumuramye alias Anita Rose after a business commission went bad.
The two, both workers at the Minister Chris Baryomunsi-owned station were captured on video wrestling themselves to the ground at the premises.
In the video which has now gone viral on social media, Twinamatsiko is seen standing over Anita Rose, arm twisting her while she rolls on the ground in an attempt to regain balance while at the same time refusing to release her grasp of whatever is hidden in her tiny palm.
Anita Rose is clad in an animal print short dress and this limits her physical expression during the fight, while Twinamatsiko whose never give up attitude in the fight makes him completely unbothered about the possibility of undressing his colleague.
Fellow workers stand at a yawning distance from the two, and can only be heard pleading with Twinamatsiko to initiate a time-out.
They incessantly call upon him “Manager, Manager,” but he refuses to tap out, so does Anita Rose who finds her feet literally, and another round resumed.
Sources confirm that the two colleagues were put in such a position after the station acquired the business which fetched a USD$3 (shs12,000) commission that Anita Rose was quick to claim and pick.
On learning of the development, Twinamatsiko swung into action, demanding that Anita Rose surrender the commission at once, but she did not yield, leading to an altercation and finally a fight ensued.
Anita Rose was consequently suspended following the fight.
Sources told this website that Anita Rose worked as the station’s cashier and receptionist before Nelson Twinamatsiko was hired to be the manager of the station.
“Nelson later fired Rose after claiming she was not qualified to work as a cashier, receptionist, radio host, and station manager,” sources said.
“He also suspended all her programs on radio.”

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