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Elders petition Museveni and Biden over support for-cancer-treatment.

A group of senior citizens who have previously served the country in high positions have written to President Museveni and his US counterpart, Joe Biden asking them to join the fight against cancer and diabetes.
The elders include retired Chief Justice, Wako Wambuzi, Joseph Mulwanyamuli Semwogerere, former Buganda Katikkiro, John Bosco Katutsi, retired High Court Judge, Prof.Livingstone Luboobi, former Makerere University Vice Chancellor, Prof.John Ddumba Ssentamu, former Makerere University Vice Chancellor, Kasole Lwanga former Buweekula County MP and John Mujinya Bigyemano, a retired broadcast journalist.
The group in their letter to Museveni say they have been moved by the exploits of David Senfuka the proprietor of Leona-NNN-Medical Research and Diagnostics center whose natural medicines have proved as effective cures for diabetes and cancer but needs assistance.
“Some of us authoring this letter are living witnesses to that fact, yet, however, we have found it reprehensible, that up to now, no government effort or enthusiasm has been shown or expressed to have his exploits encouraged to a level desirable for all and sundry to benefit,” the elders say.
“Being familiar with fiscal challenges that Uganda has for long labored under, we cannot pretend to think that there exists a magical wand to manage every problem and opportunity as they arise, but nonetheless, we have lived long enough to appreciate that for every problem presented therein lies an opportunity.”
The senior citizens, some of whom are academicians and also retired judges say they have researched enough to see there exists a legal framework under which local innovators like Ssenfuka can have their innovations encouraged, elevated and protected.
They say that for example, an innovator and researcher like Ssenfuka would require endorsement from an institutional review body like a university which would ethically approve clinical trial protocols and in conjunction with the Uganda National Council of Science and Technology, permission would be granted to carry out human clinical trials.
“We only wonder why the relevant state bodies have not come out to enthusiastically embrace this man’s innovations. The opportunities likely capable of being derived from fostering this innovation, cannot be over amplified. Right from the most prized benefit of having medicine capable of curing these diseases is laudable enough even to mind less about others, but if we may add, the national income likely to be derived from such a certification is capable of turning the fortunes of this country around,” the elders say.
The senior citizens say they are seeking the audience of President Museveni to pitch to him the project they say is viable and to this, they have requested him to appoint a special committee with the sole purpose of appraising Ssenfuka’s research findings.

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