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EC unveils new home in industrial area.

The Electro Commission (EC) has Thursday 30, unveiled temporary offices in Industrial Area, Kampala district.
The Official Opening Ceremony was graced by the commission’s Chairperson, Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama. He said the changes are as a result of National Housing Construction Company heeding to the government’s directive to get them a temporary place to establish their office.
“On behalf of the Commission, I would like to welcome you all to this very historic and important occasion when the Electoral Commission officially opens its new temporary Head Offices located at Plot No. 1-3/5 Seventh Street Industrial Area, Kampala to the public.” He said
“As you are aware, in 2022, the Government of Uganda tasked National Housing and Construction Company (NHCC) to provide the Electoral Commission with temporary office premises and undertake the necessary processes to design, construct, install, furnish, and complete a customized permanent home for the Electoral Commission.” He added
In a statement made by justice Byabakama, he revealed that the new offices are now at the former offices of National Housing and Construction Company.
“Accordingly, on 16th December 2022, the Commission embarked on the process of relocating our offices, personnel and equipment from Plot 55, Jinja Road, Kampala, to this new temporary office premises, which was formerly the headquarters of National Housing and Construction Company (NHCC) Ltd.” He wrote
He said their former offices at Jinja road were handed over to the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to create room for the new road construction works.
“The relocation phase was completed and the former premises on Plot 55, Jinja Road, were officially handed over to Uganda National Roads Authority on 14th March 2023, to pave the way for the road infrastructure developments and any other activities that the new landlord UNRA, may wish to carry out.” Reads the statement in part
Although the commission has got a new place with conducive environment for its employees, Justice Byabakama noted that the space is too small to accommodate its entire staff.
“…as you will observe during the inspection, while this new (temporary) home offers an improved office layout and working environment, it still falls short of meeting the Commission’s space requirements. Our staff capacity at Head Office is three hundred and ten persons (310), excluding security personnel. However, this facility can only accommodate half the number.” He said
Nevertheless Justice Byabakama noted that the relocation marks a significant milestone as they wait to get their own home in time to come.
“…the relocation from the former premises on Plot 55, Jinja Road, Kampala to this new temporary location marks significant progress in the continuing journey of the Commission to own its own permanent and custom-built home.” He said
“The said custom-built home will also go a long way in improving service delivery by ensuring that all necessary facilities and services are located in one centre. The owned home will also help the Commission save on the money spent on renting facilities like warehouses and other related amenities.” He added
He then urged the employees to keep working on order to deliver services to the public.
“As we work towards this goal, the Commission will utilise this office premises to deliver our services in accordance with our constitutional mandate.” He said
Therefore, to my colleagues and all staff of the Electoral Commission staff, I wish you all an improved, collaborative, efficient, and pleasant working environment, where you will innovate, grow and excel in your service to our country. And to our esteemed stakeholders, we promise you exceptional service delivery, welcoming and wonderful client experience at this new office premises.” He added

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