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Court disperses application to block installation of digital surveillance cameras on all cars.

High Court has dismissed an application seeking to temporarily block government from implementing it’s decision, to install digital surveillance cameras in people’s vehicles and other vessles.
In his ruling Justice Boniface Wamala said Legal Brain Trust , a human right watchdog led by lawyer Isaac Semakadde failed to bring sufficient evidence to demonstrate the need to stop government from installing car tracking device in people’s cars.
He noted that the Attorney General who is the respondent in the case ably justified that the reason for introducing the surveillance devices is for safeguarding national security and curbing crime which is a central responsibility of government.
Last year Legal Brain Trust dragged government to Court , challenging the compulsory installation of digital surveillance cameras on people’s cars saying it violates a number of human rights.
It asked court to issue a temporary injunction restraining the government and all her agents from enforcing the directives, pending the determination of their main suit which is challenging the legality of the decision.
However application for temporary injunction has been dismissed with costs to the Attorney General.

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