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Cindy reveals what she gained from music battle with Sheebah.

Singer Cindy Sanyu has expressed her satisfaction with the musical battle against Sheebah Karungi, claiming it greatly simplified her return to the entertainment scene.
The electrifying showdown between Cindy and Sheebah at Kololo Independence Grounds on Friday drew thousands of enthusiastic fans and lived up to its high expectations. Many social media ‘judges’ tipped Cindy as the victor.
In an interview this afternoon, Cindy said that the battle wasn’t about establishing superiority between herself and Sheebah. Instead, she saw it as an opportunity for a remarkable comeback in the industry.
“I needed a big comeback. I needed to reassert myself as an artist,” Cindy stated. She explained that for some time, she had been primarily recognized as the President of the Uganda Musicians Association, and her absence from the music scene was partly due to pregnancy.
Cindy also stated that beyond her personal motivations, the battle made business sense for both herself and Sheebah. “We were all smiles after the show,” she remarked.
During Sheebah’s After Battle Party over the weekend, she disclosed that her initial plan had been to host the Yolo Festival and bring in an international star for her concert. However, this plan had to be abandoned when the international star demanded an exorbitant fee that was financially impractical.
“After careful consideration, I came up with the idea of a music battle. I approached Dr. Lawrence Muganga, the Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, and he accepted my proposal,” Sheebah explained.